Products – QSP Pipette Tips & Tubes

Features and Benefits

QSP pipette tips and tubes are made from 100% virgin polypropylene utilizing state of the art molds and molding methods. These products are precision molded for an airtight fit without using a mold release agent in the manufacturing process.

Non sterile Pipette Tips, Tubes and Caps
are certified free of RNase/DNase, DNA and Pyrogen contamination and are autoclavable at a recommended temperature of 120°C at 15 P.S.I. for 15 minutes.

Sterile Pipette Tips, Tubes and Caps
are certified free of RNase/DNase, DNA, Pyrogen, Endotoxin, ATP, Bioburden, and PCR Inhibitor contamination.

Autoclavable Pipette Tips and Racks
are autoclavable at a recommended temperature of 120 °C at 15 P.S.I. for 15 minutes.

Filter Pipette Tips
utilize a patented small micron filter designed specifically to prevent cross contamination.

Gel Loading Pipette Tips
are ideal for a wide variety of sample loading applications such as protein separation, nucleic acid sequencing, and other gel loading applications.

Graduated Pipette Tips
provide reference lines to allow for a quick volume check indicating nominal liquid in the tip.

Extra Long Pipette Tips
ensure maximum sampling with the extended length to reach the bottom of sample vessels and help prevent cross contamination.

Thin Wall MicroPoint Pipette Tips
improve small volume pipetting by reducing the liquid retained within the tip while increasing accuracy.

Large Orifice Pipette Tips
eliminate shearing of fragile cells and are ideal in pipetting small volumes of viscous materials.

Beveled Pipette Tips
reduce liquid retention at the distal orifice of the pipette tip by minimizing liquid build-up when dispensing fluids.

Robotic Pipette Tips
are manufactured with 100% virgin polypropylene. In addition, the racks are designed to endure the applied pressures of automated workstations.

Liquid Sensing Robotic Pipette Tips
are manufactured with carbon black conductive polypropylene, available with or without a filter, for automated liquid handling systems.