Microtiter Tubes

Volume: 1.2 ml Non Frosted Microtiter Tubes

Microtiter Tubes (1.2 ml) can be autoclaved, sealed and frozen for storage and offer additional volume capacity for sample dilution and/or mixing prior to transfer into microtiter plates. Ideal for a wide variety of laboratory procedures, such as HTLV-III testing, RIA, EIA, PCR, pharmaceutical quality control, blood bank sample freezer storage, transport of specimens and reagents. Manufactured of superior grade polypropylene, fully autoclavable, and can be frozen to -80°C. Robotic Workstation Compatible Racks are specifically designed with the 96-well format necessary for robotic workstations and other dilutors and dispensers. The one directional lid design and rack along with the covers’ alphanumeric molded grids provide easy sample identification. Internally supported, the tubes remain in a straight and upright position and the condensation rings on the inside of the cover minimize cross contamination. Tray Packs provide an economical alternative when a robotic compatible rack is not needed. The compact tray pack features a snug, smooth fitting cover which protects contents and enables stacking for compact storage (5,800 samples/ft3)

Ordering Guide

845-QNaturalNon sterileBagged100010
845-TP-QNaturalNon sterileTray Pack9605
845-TPS-QNaturalSterileTray Pack9605
RC-845-TP-QNaturalNon sterileRobotic Rack9605
RC-845-TPS-QNaturalSterileRobotic Rack9605

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