Standard Pipette Tips

Volume: 1-200 µl Beveled

  • Beveled orifice tip
  • Hinged rack and reload stacks are purple
  • The 200 tip stack rack is blue. *Product is packaged with 5, 200 tip trays nested together with one sonically welded base and one lid.

Pipette Fit Information:

Universal fit.

Ordering Guide

110-BN-QNaturalNon sterileBagged100010
110-B-QYellowNon sterileBagged100010
110-RBN-QNaturalNon sterile200 Tip Stack Rack System100010
110-RB-QYellowNon sterile200 Tip Stack Rack System100010
A22070PRXNaturalNon sterileBagged100010
A22090PRXYellowNon sterileBagged100010
T070RLN-QNaturalNon sterile96 Tip Reload Inserts9605
T070RLNS-QNaturalSterile96 Tip Reload Inserts9605
T070RN-QNaturalNon sterile96 Tip Hinged Rack9605
T070RNS-QNaturalSterile96 Tip Hinged Rack9605
T090RL-QYellowNon sterile96 Tip Reload Inserts9605
T090RLS-QYellowSterile96 Tip Reload Inserts9605
T090R-QYellowNon sterile96 Tip Hinged Rack9605
T090RS-QYellowSterile96 Tip Hinged Rack9605
T110BRLN-QNaturalNon sterile96 Tip Reload Inserts9605
T110BRLNS-QNaturalSterile96 Tip Reload Inserts9605
T110BRL-QYellowNon sterile96 Tip Reload Inserts9605
T110BRLS-QYellowSterile96 Tip Reload Inserts9605
T110BRN-QNaturalNon sterile96 Tip Hinged Rack9605
T110BRNS-QNaturalSterile96 Tip Hinged Rack9605
T110BR-QYellowNon sterile96 Tip Hinged Rack9605
T110BRS-QYellowSterile96 Tip Hinged Rack9605

Packaging Options

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